Meeting Preparation

What do you need before our meeting?

Family Wealth Planning-Needed Documents and Information

The following is an overview of what you can expect during our meetings and communications, and also a checklist of the type of information I will need from you.

The main stages of family wealth planning are: 1) the Information Gathering Stage; 2) the Client Education Phase; 3) the Decision making phase; 4) an Overview of Basic Principles of Estate Planning; 5) Document Preparation and Review Phase; and 6) the Document Execution Phase.

Planning for your future is very important. Thus, it is critical that you are forthright with me regarding your assets, health and citizenship, among other things. I will hold your information in confidence. For our initial interview, I will need you to complete the Intake Form, and also the Pre-Meeting Questionnaire & Legacy Interview, if you were sent one. Further, please make sure I have the following information:

1. Names, addresses, SSN, dates of birth for your family and other beneficiaries.

2. Current marital status.

3. Prior marriages, and your obligations at death as identified by any judgment or decree.

4. Prior transfers which were taxable gifts for federal gift tax purposes and if returns were filed.

5. Health status of you, spouse, children and parents.

6. Whether you have any existing interests in any estate or trust and any prospective inheritance.

7. The existence of any liens, claims, litigation, judgments, or other potential liabilities affecting you.

8. Employment status, level of compensation, and the existence, terms and designated beneficiaries of employee benefits, including stock options, retirement plans and IRAs.

9. Marital status of children, whether or not they are dependent for their support on the client, and any physical or mental impairment affecting the children.

10. Similar information concerning any other dependent relatives.

11. Your citizenship and domicile and the location of all residential properties used by the client.

12. List of insurance policies, including the face value amount, cash values, loans, ownership and beneficiary, endorsements and disposition of the proceeds.

13. A listing of assets and liabilities for husband and wife. Please present the information in terms of current values, and by virtue of how they are owned.

14. Copies of current will or trust agreement as well as the trust agreement for any trust in which the client has an interest as a beneficiary or possesses a power of appointment, limited or general.

15. Your estimate of lifetime financial needs.

16. Your charitable inclinations and desire to include charities as beneficiaries.

17. Previous wills and codicils.

18. Pre or Post-nuptial agreements.

19. Real property deeds, mortgages, leases.

20. Business Interests-contracts, agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc.

21. Trust agreements where you are grantor, trustee or beneficiary.

22. Powers of appointment.

Once you gather information and complete the forms requested, the initial interview may proceed. After that time, draft documents will be sent to you for approval and revisions may occur. Finally, you will attend a document signing ceremony to make your planning documents official.


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