Families with Minor Children, Guardians

What is the popular Kid Care Package?

This package contains several forms for your use.  It includes all that you need to make sure your kids are always fully protected, at any time. You may fill out any combination of the forms based on your own needs but the permanent guardianship and temporary guardianship forms should be considered mandatory when you are a parent of minor kids.

The purpose of these forms is to ensure that the people who care for your child(ren) have all that they need to protect your kids if something happens to you, or you cannot be found.

Otherwise, if a person, such as a babysitter, does not have legal authority to have custody of your child, and the police need to be called, the authorities may not allow your child to stay with him/her. With no clear direction from you, they would be liable if they simply left a child with an unauthorized caretaker, even if this person currently is caring for the child. In this circumstance, the police would need to call Child Protective Services, and foster care would be a real possibility.

The last thing your child needs is to be in a strange home with adults and other kids that he/she does not know. Imagine how difficult that would be. These foster parents, although most certainly good people, do not know your child, his/her likes or dislikes, and your child is not in his/her own home. It is a traumatic experience.

This informational packet is intended to help you avoid that scenario as much as possible. Beyond that, these forms give you the ability to name the permanent guardian of your children and provide much needed direction. This is like you informing the Judge yourself as to who your #1 choice of guardian would be. You are speaking on the topic NOW in case you cannot speak on it later.

Use the colorful folder to maintain your Kid Care folder. Keep it in a prominent place in your kitchen, main “busy area” in your home, stuck on the fridge or in a place close to the phone. Fill out the forms completely, and send copies to the guardians or any other important people. Let’s get a plan together!

Caretaker Information Sheet

Document #1

This form reminds you to fully communicate with caretakers. All too often we leave the house saying “call 911” in emergencies. But, we can really provide a lot more useful information than that given. This is called the “More About Our Family” form.

Permanent Guardianship Form

Document #2

This is a vitally important legal document. You are choosing who will care for your child long-term in the event you become incapacitated or die.

For a fill-in information template to the permanent guardian, see Document #3. You may also rewrite this template, and your answers, in letter format to your chosen guardians. Imagine you are in heaven and have one hour to come back down to Earth to tell the guardians all you can about your kids and what you want for them-this is that opportunity to write it down.

Temporary Guardianship Form/Medical Consent

Document #4

For a letter to the Temporary Guardians, see Document #5.

Child Care Authorization Form

Document #6

This document authorizes a person who is not the legal or adoptive parent, to have custody of a child at that moment.

Power of Attorney for Consent to Medical Care for Minor

Document #7

This document allows an individual other than the parent to authorize medical care of your child. It provides very detailed information to a medical doctor to ensure that no time is wasted in having to learn this information or approve of necessary medical treatment.

Wallet Cards

A set of wallet cards for you, as well as anyone who drives your children, in the event of emergency so that your kids can be taken care of by trusted people if you cannot be there, or if something happens.


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