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Making an Irma Insurance Claim

Pull out your homeowner insurance policy.

What does it cover? Place it into a water tight container when finished reviewing and making calls. 

Look for:

Costs to relocate if home damaged?
Wind damage? Water?
What’s your hurricane deductible?
What is phone number of your company? Agent? How do you make a claim?
Look at “duties in case of loss” section. Make sure you comply with it or your claim may be denied! Insurance companies can deny a claim based on failure to comply with the duties even if you do have a covered loss.

When you make video do your house feel free to narrate it. What are you looking at and how much did it cost you? Upload it to the cloud.

If you do receive a check, the mortgage company will likely be listed. Sometimes your mortgage company will change so make sure your insurance company knows the exact name and contact information for your current mortgage company therefore any checks will not be held up.

After the storm take videos and pictures if you have any damage. Take lots and lots of photographs. If there is something you immediately need to fix such as a temporary repair to prevent further damage make sure you do that.

➡️➡️➡️Be very wary about making permanent repairs until the insurance adjuster gets to eyeball it. Just wait!! Do not throw any damaged areas away. Keep them in your garage because the insurance adjuster will inspect them.

🔴🔴Some contractors are very sneaky with respect to assigning the insurance claim to them. I had a loss last year and the water remediation company wanted me to sign his emergency contract and buried deep within it was an assignment of my actual insurance claim!!! Don’t expect anyone to have scruples. Read every single line before you sign anything.🔴🔴


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