Community Events

NOTICE:  Due to COVID-19, all community events are temporarily cancelled. 

The Law Office of Lori Vella hosts community events in the Tampa Bay Community.  These events range from providing free legal documents to educational events for children at VISTA gardens, a local 501(c)(3) organization).  

To view prior garden events, check out Vista Garden’s Gallery.

#GetMyGuardian Upcoming Events​

COMING SOON!  Attorney Lori to hold the next #GetMyGuardian event at the TRIBE in Seminole Heights in January 2020.  We will also help organize and host the next Intergenerational Garden Event at VISTA in March 2020.  To host a #GetMyGuardian event for your own community, write to us at  

Past Events: On November 7, 2019, at 11 a.m. Law Office of Lori Vella, PLLC held the popular #getmyguardian event (as heard on PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman on WFLA News Radio).  Each parent made legal nominations for both temporary and permanent guardians for their children.

Importance of Event:

As background, there are over 850,000 minor children (under 18) in Tampa. A significant number of these children do not have guardians named for them in the event their parents are not able to care for them. Your children may be among these children without named guardians.

  • Appointment of a guardian for your child is one of the most MONUMENTAL decisions you can make.
  • By naming a guardian, a parent ensures that in the event of tragedy, your child will be cared for by a trusted adult capable of providing emotional and financial support.
  • When you name a guardian, you save your estate and your loved ones the expense and burden of complicated guardianship proceedings which can be traumatic for a young, grieving child.
  • The presence of a willing nominee helps to significantly expedite the appointment of the guardian.
  • If you are hurt or in an accident and your spouse cannot be located (flying, out of country, etc), the police will be called and they will try to find next of kind or possibly the babysitter currently with your kid
  • Background checks/home studies will need to be conducted on these people delaying your child being in the presence of a known, caring adult
  • If people cannot be found, foster care is a real possibility!