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There is no friend as loyal as a book.

Infamous words by Ernest Hemingway.  And how true he was!  A book is knowledge, power, comfort and more.  

Lori, our founder, has always had a love of reading.  From the time she was little, she could be found reading in her bedroom.  This passion to know more turned into pursuing higher education and then law school.  


Let us tell you the story that inspired this scholarship. During law school, Lori decided to save her valuable money and buy used books instead of the shiny, new ones.  During her first year of law school, she took Con Law, a requisite class.  To save money, Lori decided it would be a great idea to buy a used book from an upperclassmen instead of the new $200 book.  The problem, however, was that the editions changed dramatically in one year.  The old book lacked so much of the new material and went into depth on other matters that were no longer contained in the new text!  In order to keep up with the class, every week Lori borrowed the new book to spend an hour at the copy machine. What a time waster (not to mention, illegal!).  She then had to piece together the material while also trying to keep up with the class.  

We created this Scholarship thinking about this story.  As Lori is now a “peace of mind” planner, we decided to create a Scholarship that would give two students a little “peace of mind” knowing he/she/they can buy brand new books and focus on the important things–learning the material!   

The Scholarship:

The “‘Peace of Mind’ Scholarship” offers a student a little “peace of mind” by providing $1,000 cash to ease book expenses. 


The “Peace of Mind’ Scholarship” is open to Florida students currently enrolled, or to be enrolled in the Fall 2022 semester, in any course of upper-level education at an accredited program, a community college, junior college, undergraduate, or graduate school. A minimum GPA is not required.


The ideal candidates are the two students that share in 300 words how “reading” has impacted their lives.  (see more details below)’

How to Apply:

  • Upload an up-to-date resume with your current contact information.
  • Describe in 300 words the impact “reading” has made on your life.
  • Note: Applications for the Fall 2022 scholarship are due August 1, 2022.

 We appreciate your interest and look forward to reviewing your application!

Questions? Feel free to email us at

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