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When people think of a prenuptial agreement or “pre-nup”, they may think it is only for the wealthy, or perhaps a bad omen to the beginning of a marriage. In fact, a prenuptial agreement can add security and stability to a couple’s relationship. Life can be very unpredictable and there is no harm in preparing for every situation. Think of a prenuptial agreement as an estate plan for the marriage.  The agreement will protect both parties should they decide to dissolve the marriage later on, as the distribution of assets, debts, alimonies and other issues will already be determined, rather than awaiting a judge to dictate asset distribution and spousal support. It aims to reduce stress and conflict during a divorce, allowing you each to move on peacefully. Many contentious issues of divorce will already be determined, eliminating lengthy court proceedings and expenses. a good thing

The postnuptial agreement is not just for a couple who has been experiencing marital conflict, it is common for couples to execute a postnuptial agreement after a change in employment status, the birth of a child, upon notice of an inheritance, before making a large purchase using the financial resources of one spouse or any other type of change in finances.

Keep in mind you may find cheaper or “do-it-yourself” services elsewhere, but there is no guarantee as to what you will receive.  We offer a high level of quality and service.

Co-habitation agreements are designed for couples wishing to reside together in a nontraditional relationship.  The cohabitation agreement is a legal contract between two parties very similar to a prenuptial agreement, the goal of clearly defining the rights and responsibilities of two people living together. The cohabitation agreement can define how assets and liabilities and income and spending will be handled during the relationship, how assets and liabilities will be divided upon a breakup, if any spousal support life payment will be made upon a breakup and what happens during the cohabitation if the relationship does not work out.


Making clear your rights before entering marriage. A practical measure to record your understanding of your rights to certain assets and responsibility for certain debt.  


Setting forth rights after marriage.

Co-habitation Agreements

For those that are not legally married, but live together in long-term partnerships.  

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Historically, cohabitation agreements were used utilized by those who were not permitted to marry, such as same-sex couples, but today, many couples remain in permanent relationships without the formality of marriage.

When a couple has shared their lives for a substantial period of time, they will find their finances and property have become interdependent (unless they work hard to keep them separate), whether or not they decide to enter marriage.

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