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We offer completely virtual Estate Planning!  Visit our contact page to start the easy process.  We wish you health and safety during this global crisis.  

"The mission of my law firm is to be a voice for children by urging their parents to name guardians in the event of an emergency, and also plan for their financial needs.  It takes a certain element of "tough parenting," I know. It requires that we consider possibilities that would break our hearts. But, from one parent to another, we are strong enough to rise above our fears, take on the challenge, and make plans for the safety of our children."
Lori Vella
Attorney & Mom

Client Testimonials

"Lori has a passion for helping people, this is evident in the philanthropy work she promotes and participates in her community. Lori was a joy to work with, she explained everything to me and was understanding and compassionate towards the delicate nature of her work. Would absolutely recommend Lori, she is awesome!"
"Very professional. I will recommend her. I have know her for many years when I was living in Spring Hill. Then I moved to Miami and I continue using her professional services and communicate with her by mail and phone."
"Lori walked us through the complicated process of estate planning in the event that something tragic happened to my wife and/or myself in way that made sense and was comforting knowing that our son would be protected. We had been discussing this planning but was constantly putting it off. She made the process simple, complete. I highly recommend Lori everyone."
"Lori is not only trustworthy and knowledgeable, she has a family of her own and knows how important it is to take care of them now as well as in the future. She walked us through each step and process needed to make sure our children and finances are secured and covered if anything should happen to us and for that we are grateful. It's nice to know everything is spelled out and would be taken care of, the way we planned. We used to think that setting up these documents was only for the wealthy but with Lori in charge, the process was affordable and helped us understand how beneficial this is for our kids!"
"Lori Vella went above and beyond, exceeding my expectations. She is thoughtful and thorough and takes the time personally to meet with you to explain every option available to you. Most of all she is kind-hearted and is passionate about her work. Her and her work adds value to our community. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to speak with her about all your estate planning, she will impress upon you things you never thought of."
"Nothing but amazing things to say about working with Lori Vella! She makes estate planning easy and fun while maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity!"

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Please download our Estate Plan Organizer.  Having all of your important papers organized in one place will enable your family to act quickly and without uncertainty if needed.  Fill it out as completely as possible, tell someone important where to find it, and store it in a watertight, locked cabinet. 

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