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National Speaking Event

Lori was recently asked to speak at a national event for National Business Institute to provide advice and strategy tips to attorneys, financial planners, paralegals and accountants.

Lori Vella

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The power of believing in yourself

Read Law Office of Lori Vella’s feature in this local magazine about our contribution to the community in Estate Planning. 

investCourier Feature

Fresh Ideas. Creatively Helping Clients.

Law Office of Lori Vella constantly tries to reinvent and get better.  We take pride in creatively assisting our clients to spread awareness and promote asset protection/estate planning issues.
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St. Petersburg Bar Association Paraclete

Law Office of Lori Vella helps families of all shapes and sizes.  If you are in the LGBTQ+ community, read Lori’s article to make sure you are protected. (Page 24)

Authority Magazine Feature

How to Delegate Effectively and be Completely Satisfied with the Results

Authority Magazine interviewed Lori about how she went from a mom with a hobby of helping others with legal documents, to leading a business team with a common purpose of serving the community.

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Authority Magazine Feature

How it started Lori Vella

How to Take your Company to higher places

Read our interview feature about how to make brazen business moves to reclaim your own life and happiness along the way.  

Authority Magazine Feature

Grit: The Most Overlooked Ingredient of Success

Authority Magazine asked Lori to explain what “grit” is, how it helps and how it can be developed.  After overcoming challenges in childhood, Lori has gone on to enjoy a 20 year career in the law.

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Authority Magazine and Thrive Global Feature

Surviving the Pandemic as a Business Owner

How Lori Vella Tackles The Extreme Work Life Balance Of Being A Woman Business Leader During COVID-19

Authority Magazine recently asked Lori to explain how she balanced her role as a female business-owner during the pandemic.  

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Tampa's BestKept

Tampa’s “mompreneurs”– entrepreneurs who are also mothers– are making serious business moves.

Guest Talk on WFLA News Radio

Many local Tampa Bay Families have benefited from the #GetMyGuardian program created by our law firm

PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman

picture of radio sound room

Listen to Lori explain the #GetmyGuardian event she created to help parents name legal guardians for their kids.

We Give Back

We love our Community

Carrollwood Elementary PTA

The Law Office of Lori Vella is a proud sponsor of Carrollwood Elementary PTA.

Carrollwood Village

VISTA Gardens in Carrollwood Village

2017 Lori holds first "Little Villagers" event at VISTA Gardens. The aim is to teach children gardening and healthy eating. Page 9

Vista gardens

VISTA Gardens

Lori gathers “Little Villagers” and their families for activities at VISTA Gardens for inter-generational events where the elder gardeners share their knowledge to the children that share their enthusiasm and thirst for learning.

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The Hillsborough County Bar Association Tampa

Lori, as former Chair of the Volunteer Committee of the Hillsborough County Bar Association, involved local attorneys in a river clean-up.

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