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Will/Trust Plans

We put together our most popular documents to create three affordably-priced plans that include all you need, packaged in a beautiful Estate Planning Portfolio.

Revocable Trusts & Probate Avoidance

If probate avoidance and enhanced privacy sounds right to you, explore how a Revocable Trust will serve your needs. These work well with multiple properties, blended families and detailed guidance and protection for your children.

Probate & Trust Administration

Our team boasts 30+ years of probate and trust administration experience in all Florida counties.

LGBTQ+ Estate Planning

Non-traditional relationships require extra "love" in ensuring that both parties not only have rights on behalf of themselves but also rights as to the care of each other.

Elder Law

We focus on your anticipated needs to protect your assets and help you maintain your dignity and standard of living.

Healthcare Documents and Financial Power of Attorney

You need a Living Will, Healthcare Surrogate, Power of Attorney and more. These documents help your families make tough decisions on your behalf.



We are here to help you protect your family, your loved ones, your businesses and your future self.  



We tirelessly work on your plans or cases so that you get amazing results that leave you with “peace of mind.”



Nothing is standard.  Your family is special and we will create customized legal documents just for you.

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We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together

I’m Lori with Law Office of Lori Vella.  We focus our practice exclusively on helping you with your estate planning, probate, and business.  We do everything from Will and Trust creation, helping parents nominate guardians for their kids, guiding families through legal complexities, making sure your health wishes are met, and guarding your assets. 

Clients hire us to protect the money they’ve worked hard for as well as implement guidelines for raising their kids even when they are not there. Our job is to support you in navigating the potential legal land mines to ensure your wishes are met and your family and your business stay secure. 

I would love to connect.  Feel free to email Question@LoriVella.com to see how I may help you.  

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