Will and Trust Plans

We have three convenient plans for you to choose from.  Simply decide which Will or Revocable Trust plan works best for you and your family.  It can be confusing to research all of the legal options and that is the advantage to hiring us.  You may know you need protection but you aren’t sure which documents you need.  Not every family has the same needs and that’s why we packaged our most popular Will and Trust options into three affordably-priced plans. 


Our clients retain us to help secure their family’s futures.  They’ve worked hard their entire lives to earn money and provide for their families.  We help them preserve their funds and continue to protect their children even if they are not here someday.  To account for every budget, family and comfort level, we created plans based on the most popular and useful documents.  


Documents can be provided individually but our clients have found it more useful and cost-effective to purchase one of our three plans.  If you prefer to receive pricing per document, we will send you our fees for any combination of the documents you choose.  

Choose a Plan that Fits your Life

Choosing a Will or Revocable Trust plan will ensure that you are completely covered and feeling secure.  Each plan comes equipped with documents to cover your future health, your finances and your loved ones.  Packages start as low as $1,200.   We stand out from other law firms in our service to you.  When you work with our law firm:  

  • You receive guidance from start to finish as we offer creative estate planning solutions, reviewing your entire estate, assets and life as a whole.   We want to ensure that everything works smoothly and together so you avoid the legal land mines.
  • Every effort is put into ensuring you have complete, up-to-date and detailed plans that you can trust. 
  • You know your options.  You are not in the dark.  Our detailed intake forms allow you to see what choices you have.  You are educated along the way and able to make choices you feel good about.
  • You help your family by receiving complete plans that include Healthcare Directives and Financial Documents.   These directives are crucial to assisting your family if something ever goes wrong.  This prevents you from leaving them with excruciating decisions plus it allows you to speak now (while you are healthy) about how you want to be treated someday if you ever need help. 
  • Our #GetMyGuardian Guide is a series of documents to use in an emergency to protect your kids from ever having to go to foster care, even for an hour.  No more leaving home, saying to the babysitter, “call 911 if I don’t come back!”  We’ve got a safer and better plan for you now.  Our package has been developed by Attorney Lori Vella and is not available anywhere else.  
  • Receive a beautifully-organized Estate Planning Portfolio with tabs and an Estate Plan Organizer so you may create a legacy plan.
  • Gain 24/7 access to signed electronic copies in our secure Virtual Vault.
  • Benefit from Wallet Cards with your particular health directive information and/or information regarding your children. 
  • Documents to plan funeral, if desired, to change beneficiaries, direction as to when to update, and more.
  • Option to join our Client Care Subscription Membership for 365/year access to your Estate Planning Attorney.

Quality & Service
in Every Will and Trust Plan

Keep in mind you may find cheaper services elsewhere but there is no guarantee as to what you will receive.  We offer a high level of quality and service.

  • You receive 100% transparency
  • You receive custom documents.  For example, we do not simply draft a “standard Will” without considering your particular needs and desires.  Documents are drafted for you using our expertise.
  • Tackle complicated Florida Constitutional Homestead law to help you make the right decisions for your property.
  • Aide you in considering your choice of guardians, helping you to make decisions as to people based on many factors such as their marriage, religion, beliefs and more.  
  • After signing, we continue to assist you to make sure your beneficiary designations are properly set so you do not inadvertently thwart your intentions by failing to make changes. 

Our job is to think of every contingency and prepare you no matter what gets thrown at you.  Protection of your assets, your children, and your wishes, is our priority.  You are in good hands with us.

Probate Avoidance Plan

Best for:

  • Probate Avoidance (probate ranges from $2,500 to in excess of $10,000)
  • Privacy of Estate and children Inheritance-Predator Protection (those that access court documents for recent inheritances)
  • Protection from spouse remarrying and/or overspending or to help spouse with fund management (options to set up sub-trusts for spouse)
  • Minor children & to protect children from creditors
  • Own out-of-state properties (avoid probate in each state)
  • Seamless transition from able to “needing help”

*Ranges dependent on options such as deeds, custom language, co-habitation agreements, and visitation authorities for non-married couples.

Protection Plan

Best for:

  • Minor children/concerned with inheritance at 18
  • Trust springs to life if needed
  • Looking for court oversight 
  • Pet Trusts

Essentials Plan

Best for:

  • Grown Children 
  • No Children
  • No long-term health concerns

Which is the best fit for you right now?

Once you pick the plan that is best for you right now,  we will provide a specific proposal for our services with our exact fee.  During our attorney-client relationship, you may freely communicate with us without fear of a mystery bill appearing.  We use what is known as a “flat fee.”  That means you pay only once for the work we agreed upon.  There are no surprises, ever.  

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