Advanced Directives. Take Care of Your Future Self.

When you obtain an Estate Planning Portfolio from the Law Office of Lori Vella, you are armed with essential documents (advanced directives) to prepare for your future and honor your wishes.  These documents keep you well taken care of if anything happens.  


Advanced Directives are documents created when you are healthy so that you may provide your own directions of how you want to be treated if you become unable to make these decisions in the future.  You will also receive a Durable Power of Attorney.


Not only are these documents important to ensure your wishes are carried out, but as to the health documents, they help your family make very difficult decisions on your behalf.  Have you ever thought how hard it would be to decide to end another’s life and stop a feeding tube?  Please do not leave this decision to your loved ones.  Conflicts will arise.  Mourning will be present, even more so.  Take the selfless path and get these documents completed with a Florida Estate Planning Attorney.  You should find an attorney that dedicates more than 85% of their practice to this line of work.  


What are the most useful documents?

  • Durable Power of Attorney  This is a vitally important document that allows another to make financial decisions for you, if you cannot.  It is truly a necessary part of your Estate Planning portfolio.  This is a very lengthy document that follows precise Florida statutory law.  If you see one offered to you that is very short and wimpy, keep on walking.  The Florida Statutes even set forth certain SUPER POWERS that need to be specifically initialed.  It is “durable” because it is valid even if you become incapacitated or otherwise unable to make decisions for yourself. 
  • Living Will This document involves discontinuing life-prolonging procedures when two doctors have determined that an individual has no chance of recovering.  Please do not leave your loved ones to make this decision on your behalf.  There are even documents that control how you are fed in the event of Alzheimers.  
  • Health Care Surrogate Although a durable power of attorney can contain a power to make healthcare decisions, it is desirable to have someone other than the attorney-in-fact to make these decisions. In addition, it may be desirable to list in detail those types of decisions that can be made. We also include separate HIPAA documents.
  • Preneed Guardian  In the event a guardian must be appointed, make the decision so a Court will not make it for you.
  • DNR A DNR is a request to not have CPR if your heart stops or if you stop breathing.  We do not draft “DNR’s” but you may create your own form at home.  

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