Estate Planning Intake Form

The key to our successful relationship is my ability to understand and address your specific needs.  My first goal is to listen to your vision for the future. I do this by obtaining information about your personal property, real property, family dynamics and your own personal story. 

To get started, view our Intake Form. Please note:  This is a very comprehensive form.  However, please understand that, as our client, we will assist you in completing it.  (i.e., it will be less overwhelming).

You do not need completed forms immediately.  You may not have the answers yet and need to speak with us to find those answers.  That is OK too.  We can work on the document together.  There is no need to delay your planning if you do not yet know what you plan to do.    Simply spend 30 minutes going over it, complete what you can, and then submit it to us confidentially through our secure portal.  You will never quite “feel” like starting the process, but it is good to take action so you can get the “peace of mind” that you need.

Probate Intake Form

Download our Probate Intake Form and submit it back confidentially via our secure portal.

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