What is a DNR under Florida Law

What is a DNR under Florida law

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Do You Really Need a “Do Not Resuscitate Order?"

It’s the million dollar question.  To resuscitate or not?  In my experience, I find many people interested in this topic, with strong feelings on one spectrum or the other.  A lot of confusion exists with respect to the practicalities of the “Do Not Resuscitate Order.”  How will anyone find it, even if I do sign one?  Will anyone know it exists?  If I’m jogging in the park, and something happens, how will the doctors know about my wishes?

The Practicalities of the “Do Not Resuscitate Order."

In reality, a “do not resuscitate” order finds its most useful application with a person suffering from a long-term illness.   In that situation, one should clearly express their wishes in advance, rather than leave this heart-wrenching decision to the loved ones.  Loves ones often face, not only conflicting opinions, but strong guilt and indecisiveness.  A Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR or DNRO) is a form developed by Florida’s Department of Health for those that do not wish to be resuscitated in the event of respiratory or cardiac arrest.  I choose to no longer draft DNR’s in my law practice. Rather, I encourage my clients to print the form from the Department of Health Website (it is only valid on yellow paper!), and follow Florida law to have it formalized.   Read about other Florida Advanced Directives.  

For more information about “Do Not Resuscitate Orders,” please look at these helpful links below.  I do not verify or confirm the information contained on these third-party links, rather, I provide this information solely as a resource. I encourage you to reach out to the Department of Health for more information.  Contact Info for Department of Health

Helpful Links:

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