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Navigating Probate: Camp Lejeune Veterans and Beyond

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Opening Probates for Camp LeJeune Claims

Are you a Camp Lejeune veteran facing probate matters in Florida or New York? Our probate law firm specializes in efficiently handling probate cases for clients statewide in both Florida and New York.

Where to Begin?

Navigating probate procedures, especially for those with ties to Camp Lejeune, can be complex. 

Whether you’re dealing with Camp Lejeune probate issues or general probate matters in Florida or New York, our experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way. We understand the unique challenges that may arise in these cases, and we’re dedicated to providing timely and effective solutions.

With our expertise in probate law and our statewide reach, we can open probates efficiently and ensure that your case is handled with the care and attention it deserves. Whether you’re located in the sunny state of Florida or the bustling city of New York, we’re here to serve you.

How to Start a Camp LeJeune Probate?

Basics: Probate is the process of handling a deceased person’s estate.


Start: File a petition in the county where they lived.


Executor: If there’s a will, the named executor oversees the process.


Documents: Gather the will, death certificate, and financial records.


Notification: Inform beneficiaries and publish a notice for creditors if necessary.  If the person died more than two years ago, we will not publish.


Debts and Taxes: Pay debts and address estate taxes.


Orders:  The court appoints a Personal Representative or Executor and you may submit your claim to the Department of Navy.


Distribution:  Any assets go to beneficiaries as per the will or state law.

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