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21 Reasons 2021 is the Year of the Estate Plan

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If you’ve delayed getting your estate planning documents together, the year of 2021 is the year to get it done. 

Think about it.  You are stuck in this pandemic which took away your control over so many things.  You cannot travel and visit with others as you wish.  This entire time can be viewed as a complete time waster, if we do not act to create something of value. 

How about using 2021 to create the joy of accomplishment?

The fact is that not putting a plan in place causes so much grief, aggravation and money for those that you leave behind.  Some mention the fact that it is important to leave a legacy for your loved ones.  Legacy is more than just the assets you leave behind or the message you give to others, but it is also how much of the “dirty work” you take care of yourself instead of leaving for others.  If you can do things now to make it easier for your family and friends, isn’t that a legacy you would like to have?  So many of my probate clients obtain estate plans for themselves to prevent their families from experiencing the pains they experienced themselves during the probate process.  

If you need more convincing about why right now is the time to get your estate plan in place, read our list of 21 reasons you need to get your estate plan “done in ‘21.”

21 Reasons to Get your Estate Plan Done in ‘21

  1. So easy to do.
  2. Cheaper now than in future.
  3. Pandemic!  (Sickness, death, inability to care for others)
  4. Having an organized plan in place feels oh sooo good.
  5. Your family will thank you. (Good memories -hint-leaving a positive legacy)
  6. Nominate trusted guardians for the security of your kids.
  7. Protect kids from predators getting to their money by learning about inheritances and befriending them.
  8. Privacy of your assets, devises and estate.
  9. Avoid family fights (Yes, they will fight as we see it on the other side in probate court).
  10. Save money from being wasted in probate court.
  11. Peace of mind.  Can you put a price on this?
  12. Choose how you want to be cared for so your family doesn’t have to decide.  (They do not want to have to make these decisions).
  13. Set up a trust, to avoid an expensive guardianship, as your young kids cannot inherit your property or life insurance.  
  14. Avoid your $$$$ and assets going to the wrong people and getting in the wrong hands.
  15. Save your family both time and money by organizing what you have and what to do with it.
  16. Split your belongings for your family to avoid bad feelings later when they try to split the goods amongst themselves.  
  17. Prevent your kids from getting “cut-off” in a blended family situation.
  18. Avoid unnecessary costs with bad planning.
  19. Get your pets the care they will need.
  20. You want the “plug pulled?” Better write that down so your family doesn’t have a falling out over it.
  21. Avoid an embarrassing guardianship over you.

Next Steps to Getting it Done in '21

That was 21 reasons why now, 2021, is the year of the estate plan.  It may be a Will, Trust, Deeds, Beneficiary Designations or any combination of those.  Your plan is as unique as you.

Call our office to set up a complimentary discovery call.  You will be glad you did. 

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