Trusts and Estates

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Can an LLC Operating Agreement Avoid Florida Probate?

A properly drafted LLC may very likely avoid Florida probate.  Many individuals use the limited liability company (“LLC’) to own rental property in Florida for asset protection and to limit personal liability.  It is the favored entity for closely-held businesses and family investments. Many families see the LLC as a substitute to the irrevocable trust or …

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Avoid Florida Probate for your Family

The Florida Probate process is so famous for its delays, costs and aggravation that most people try to avoid it, if possible.  Some people, however, are known for saying something along the lines of, “It won’t matter, I will be dead.”  (insert canned laughter).  While it is true that your probate would occur after your …

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21 Reasons 2021 is the Year of the Estate Plan

If you’ve delayed getting your estate planning documents together, this year, 2021, is the year to get it done. Think about it. You are stuck in this pandemic which took away your control over so many things. You cannot travel and visit with others as you wish. This entire time can be viewed as a complete time waster, if we do not act to create something of value. How about using 2021 to create the joy of accomplishment?