Free Healthcare Surrogate for Florida’s Essential Workers

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[UPDATE JULY 15, 2020:  All teachers are included in this offer to provide a free healthcare surrogate.  We wish you the best during this time as you deal with the issue of whether schools will be reopened.]

Florida is in the spotlight, once again, not only on a national level but this time on a global level.  Our COVID-19 positive numbers are rising and it is feared we will become the next epicenter.  It is stressful to even think about these issues, but recently, I have been thinking how thankful I am to have had the privilege to not leave the house since March 12.  How is this possible?  It is due to Florida’s essential workers. 

If we put aside politics, the effectiveness of masks and the recent spikes in our number of positive COVID-19 cases, we see something amazing.  Our essential workers are keeping our comfort levels high and keeping us safe.  They risk their lives for us everyday. 

Thankful to the essential workers that keep us going

Our world still runs smoothly for the most part.  This is because the Shipt driver brings my groceries, the Amazon drivers delivers goods and my utilities are up and running.  If we become ill, even with something minor, a doctor or paramedic will be there.  I personally do not have to go to an office and I have chosen not to go to restaurants, but I know that waitstaff and office workers people report to work everyday and allow our system to run smoothly.  To say our thanks, we will provide a free healthcare surrogate to our essential workers and teachers.

Our essential workers deserve respect

It seems misplaced to call them “heroes” because, oftentimes, they have no choice but to report to work.  Our essential workers, however, risk their lives every day so that we have the things we want and the comforts we desire.  This editorial reiterates the respect deserved. Essential Workers Deserve Respect

Free healthcare surrogate to essential workers

As a small token of appreciation for the important work they are doing for all of us, we are providing all essential workers with a Florida healthcare surrogate, at no cost to them.  A healthcare surrogate allows your trusted friends and family to make medical decisions for you, if you are not able to make them for yourself.   It is very simple to do.  The essential worker fills out the questionnaire and we will mail the completed form.

Essential workers may obtain their healthcare surrogate by completing the questionnaire which gives us the information needed to draft your form.  Just click the Sign Up Here button to get started.

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