Overcome the sadness of Estate Planning

Overcome the “Sadness” of Estate Planning with “Peace of Mind”

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Does thinking about “estate planning” sadden you?  If so, you are not alone.  Each year, countless individuals delay and procrastinate necessary planning.  This planning may save money, tax payments and worrying.  We want to help you overcome the sadness of estate planning.

In reality, most people understand why they should estate plan (write Wills and Trusts).  People know the peace of mind that comes with having a plan in place.  People get that they should “clean up their own messes” and not leave important matters to their loved ones and families.  But, the fear of the unknown, the annoyance in gathering paperwork, the stress in finding an attorney, and the necessity of contemplating ones death.  Well, all of these gather and build up a strong deterrence to action. 

Being an Estate Planning attorney, one can become desensitized.  We routinely talk about death, funeral planning, burial directions, and plan for every ridiculous contingency that we can think up. 

Deal with it and then move on

Questions we usually ask:

“What happens if the entire family is gone….should we consider charities?”

The seems so “soulless” but we have to ask or we aren’t doing our jobs.  Planning for contingencies is what we do best. 

I’ve had a few clients tell me the obvious. “Well, Lori, really, I just don’t want to die.” 

“I know,” I respond, “I don’t either.” 

And a few minutes later, after a laugh and a shrug of the shoulders, we set forth with our planning. Sometimes, people just need to be heard.  I also need my clients to know that I get it.  The beautiful thing though is that once they get through the sad part, “peace of mind” happily waits on the other side. 

Lori Vella is an Estate Planning and Business Attorney. She works virtually throughout Florida and New York, but has her home office in Tampa, Florida. She is mom to a little boy which ignited the passion for helping other families. She and her son enjoy car rides, playgrounds and taking mini-adventures. They also have an organic garden that surprisingly yields vegetables. Lori considers herself well-versed in Seinfeld and welcomes any trivia!

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