Power of Attorney

What is a POA and are they important?

What is a power of attorney? A power of attorney, usually abbreviated as “POA,” is a personal agent appointed by a principal to assist with the day-to-day financial affairs due to incapacity, inconvenience, or other reasons. In many cases, the agent acts alone on behalf of the principal when they are unable to do so. …

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Need a Will or a Trust

Need a Will or Trust? Ducks in a Row!

Almost everyone knows it is important to receive these documents but many don’t do that. And we wondered why. Why do people avoid getting necessary documents? So we did our own informal survey and discovered the people are just overwhelmed with a seemingly large vats of documents they need to give to an estate planning attorney in order to get their own plans in order.

Your Roadmap to How a Will Travels Down the Probate Road

If you are not sure how a Last Will and Testament travels down the probate road, then look no further. This road map will explain the journey of your Last Will and Testament as it finds its way to probate court. You will finally understand the meaning of a Last Will and Testament, why it’s needed, and what happens after a person dies with or without a Will. So, jump in and let’s travel along the probate road