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What is the popular Kid Care package?

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I created the Kid Care Package for myself, several year ago, when I became a mom.  It hit me–this precious little baby boy needs a voice if he is not old enough to speak for himself.  That is my role as mother. This Kid Care Package became popular as a result of the passion I felt to give a voice to other children, by providing tools to their parents.  

The Kid Care Package empowers parents.  Parents nominate legal guardians for their little kids.  As a parent myself, I know this burden should NOT be left to someone else.  I understand my son best, and I am in the best position to make the nomination.

What does the Kid Care Package include?

The package contains vital documents for parents of children under 18 years.  As an aside, if you have heard about my community service event known as #GetMyGuardian, you may have seen some of these documents.  The event involved a complete reworking of the original package, to take it next level.  Check #GetMyGuardian upcoming events.  Or, contact Attorney Lori to organize your very own #GetMyGuardian event.  

The packet also includes forms for health care nominations.  It contains much more that is proprietary to Attorney Lori Vella.  I worked with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in coming up with suitable emergency directions. 

You may fill out any combination of the forms based on your own needs but the permanent guardianship and temporary guardianship forms should be considered mandatory when you are a parent of minor kids.

Why are these legal documents important?

Parents have limited options after their death, right?  Think about it.  After you die, someone else must speak for you and decide what you would have wanted, had you been given the chance to speak.  This is your chance to speak!  The Judge will ultimately decide.  This is the chance of the parents to throw their nomination names “in the ring.”  What role is more important than a parent? 

Thus, the people who care for your child(ren), if you cannot, are also vitally important.  Now parents have tools to protect your kids if something happens.  


What if I do not use these documents as directed?

Picture this scenario.  Say you leave your kids with a babysitter for the night.  Obviously, the babysitter does not have legal authority to have custody of your child.  He or she is simply there watching your child temporarily.

Now, imagine you did not return that night–for whatever reason.  You did not come back.  The babysitter also cannot find your spouse.  Now what?

The babysitter waits a few hours, calls her parents, no one knows what to do, so they call the police.  What will the police do?  

The police may try to find next of kin.  The police may ask if the babysitter can take home the kids.  But, importantly, the Child Protective Unit must conduct a home study.  That takes time.  Any hearing could not go forward until at least the next morning.  

What occurs that night?  That is where foster homes come into play.  

I cannot speak for you.  For me, that is not an option.  I think that the last thing your child needs is a strange home full of strangers.  Imagine how difficult that would be for even you to do. These foster parents, although most certainly good people, do not know your child, his/her likes or dislikes, and your child is not in his/her own home. It is a traumatic experience.  And it is avoidable!  Why wouldn’t you take the steps to try to avoid this scenario?

The Kid Care Package is intended to help you avoid that scenario as much as possible. This is like you informing the Judge yourself as to your #1 choice of guardian. You are speaking on the topic NOW in case you cannot speak on it later.  You have a voice.  Use it!  

I have the Kid Care Package. Now what?

Fill out the documents carefully.  Execute the documents.  Display them prominently in your house.  The instructions will explain all, step by step.  

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