estate planning and coronavirus

Estate Planning Must Change to Respond to COVID-19 Concerns

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We’ve reached an unprecedented time in modern history with the “shut down” of nearly the entire world due to the coronavirus, or COVID-19.  We are confused, uncertain, and feeling a little (or a lot) depressed.  We are working from home and trying to homeschool our kids–while fighting for food and supplies.  We have a lot on our minds.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many positives, of course.  Later bedtimes, nighttime walks with flashlights, no mandatory schedules.  (Actually, I’m helping my son build eight forts in the living room as I type this…not one, but eight!).

Estate Planning Still a Pressing Concern

No one is thinking about it or wants to deal with it right now with the current situation, but we still need to do estate planning.  We need Last Wills, Trusts, Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney–now more than ever.  This is not about panic, but as the death toll rises, more confusion and delays will enter the court system as estates are probated.  We need to be organized now more than ever. 

Simplifying Estate Planning

With our lives in a state of flux, I will attempt to make “estate planning” easier for you.  I will try to modernize it, so it is easier for all of us, and fits into this (hopefully temporary) new way of being.  For months, I had thoughts of creating an easier way to do estate planning.  The current way is traditional.  Stuffy law offices, dusty books, huge leather bound Estate Planning Portfolios delivered to clients.  It has remained traditional, even when other professions and practices modernized.  We have extensive face-to-face meeting and reams of paper…but our clients expected that because they may pay top-dollar, thus, entitling them to that high-quality service.  But not everyone wants that level of service, or expects it.  And right now, us attorneys cannot deliver it!  So, what if we remove the “niceties” and old-fashioned beliefs, and deliver a streamlined, modern way of getting you essential documents? 

Virtual Planning

We will create an online, virtual experience.  All electronic and no face-to-face meetings.  To be honest, I wanted to do this months ago, but I didn’t know if my potential clients were ready, and other attorneys cautioned me.  “Don’t lower prices Lori, if you do, we all must do that!”  I understood those thoughts, I really did.  It is expensive being an attorney.  We have annual educational courses, educational loans to payback, memberships, software, staff, supplies, overhead, etc.  A lot of us were already hurting (but I know we will get any pity from the public—I get that!).  So, even though I wanted to start a new way of delivering estate planning, I did feel the pressure from my esteemed colleagues to keep things the way they are, just as a means of survival not only for our profession in general, but for estate planning attorneys specifically. 

Stay tuned for a modern approach

But with our new reality of COVID-19, I know a new way of survival must prevail.  We must progress and change.  People are losing jobs.  They cannot locate essentials.  People (me) are scared for the future lives of their children.  With these basic needs not being met, I need a way to deliver my services to the general public in a way that works for them, and also works for me.  Because I know my services are needed.

This week I will present a new way of estate planning.  More affordable for today’s current life.  Less bountiful for me, as a lawyer, however, I will also ultimately save some precious time for myself and my own family.  I am, like many of you, working from home with a child.  And now, we have just created TEN living room forts!

Based out of Tampa, Florida, Lori is mom to a fantastic 5-year-old boy. They love to go on local adventures, travel and play with matchbox cars for seemingly endless hours. Lori enjoys reading classic novels, organic gardening, and studying languages with her son. She considers herself well-versed in Seinfeld and welcomes any trivia!

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