Virtual Will Camp-Why You Should Get in on the Beta Test

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In the next couple of weeks, we are excited to begin beta-testing our new Virtual Will Camp.  This is a modern, virtual way to obtain estate planning documents quickly, easily, “at a distance” and accurately.   Yes, we are doing this to respond to the new practice of “social distancing,” but, to be honest, this has been in the works for some time. 

People demand the ease of electronics.  The legal profession, especially estate planning, has been slow to respond, but with the abrupt halt in business this week, we must move forward with a completely new virtual experience for our clients.  We all need to be open to change!

What is the Virtual Will Camp?

The Virtual Will Camp gives you access to a licensed Florida Attorney through a series of video modules and resources. The result?  A customized Estate Planning Portfolio for your family!

How does the Virtual Will Camp work?

Each attendee will listen to a series of video modules for both estate planning education and as guidance to completing the Intake Forms.  The attorney will use the Intake Form to draft your customized documents.  You will receive one free call live with the attorney to talk about any nuances.

Is this a Do-it-Yourself-Will?

Nope.  This service is customized for your family and you have a real-live local Florida attorney that will answer your questions and draft your plans.  It is virtual but not impersonal. 

What is the client responsible for?

Clients will retain the attorney, pay the fee, complete the Intake Forms, print their completed documents and have them notarized and/or witnessed on their own.

Is the camp for parents only?

Not at all.  However, we are starting out with those that need “Simple Estate Plans” or less-complicated “Complex Plans.”   Everyone thinks they need a simple plan, but we will need to decide that together.

Will I receive legal documents?

Yes, you will.  You will become a client of the Law Office of Lori Vella, and because this is a new virtual group experience, you will receive outstanding services for a fraction of the already great price. 

What documents will I receive?

You will receive a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate, HIPAA form, Guardian Forms for children, plus many, many additional documents for the beta-testers. 

Will beta-testers receive freebies?

Of course!  We are getting this program off the ground and we need your feedback too!  We will put our best foot forward so we may receive your feedback, advice and fine-tune the program based on your experience. 

Is the Virtual Will Camp open to all?

No, it is not open to all at this time.  The Virtual Will Camp is in the beta-testing phase.  Therefore, only a few families will be chosen to experience the camp and provide feedback.  If your needs require a Revocable Trust, you will not be chosen for this beta-testing phase.  Currently, we are testing the camp for Last Wills only.   The Virtual Law Camp will likely only be offered once a quarter.  

How do I join?

Stay tuned!

Based out of Tampa, Florida, Lori is mom to a fantastic 5-year-old boy. They love to go on local adventures, travel and play with matchbox cars for seemingly endless hours. Lori enjoys reading classic novels, organic gardening, and studying languages with her son. She considers herself well-versed in Seinfeld and welcomes any trivia!

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