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Pandemic Planning-Wills, Trusts and More

People under the age of 65 account for more than 20% of COVID-related deaths in the US. However, young people are less likely to have estate planning documents, like a will or advanced directive, in place than those of older adults. This means that many people who are dying from coronavirus likely do not have documents in place to dictate who cares for their children or what happens to their home or money.

Your Roadmap to How a Will Travels Down the Probate Road

If you are not sure how a Last Will and Testament travels down the probate road, then look no further. This road map will explain the journey of your Last Will and Testament as it finds its way to probate court. You will finally understand the meaning of a Last Will and Testament, why it’s needed, and what happens after a person dies with or without a Will. So, jump in and let’s travel along the probate road

What is the Best Way to Leave Kids an Inheritance?

Do you know the best way to leave your kids an inheritance?  Keep in mind that a Florida child under 18  cannot inherit property in their own name above $15,000. Rather, an adult must manage that property for them until they can manage it for themselves. Thus, here are some options for a parent to …

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