Defining Probate

Defining Probate

The words “probate” or “court”, independent of each other, commonly cause anxiety and sometimes, even fear. Those emotions are heightened when you or a loved one is faced with having to go through the probate process after having suffered the loss of someone near and dear.  In the event you or a loved one is […]

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First Steps to Opening a Florida Probate

If you are interested in opening a Florida probate, your Florida attorney will follow these initial steps to open the estate. Deposit Original Will If the decedent (the person that passed away) had a Will, the person that possesses the original Last Will either sends it to the attorney, or files it with the county

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Power of Attorney

What is a POA and are they important?

What is a power of attorney? A power of attorney, usually abbreviated as “POA,” is a personal agent appointed by a principal to assist with the day-to-day financial affairs due to incapacity, inconvenience, or other reasons. In many cases, the agent acts alone on behalf of the principal when they are unable to do so.

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21 Reasons 2021 is the Year of the Estate Plan

If you’ve delayed getting your estate planning documents together, this year, 2021, is the year to get it done. Think about it. You are stuck in this pandemic which took away your control over so many things. You cannot travel and visit with others as you wish. This entire time can be viewed as a complete time waster, if we do not act to create something of value. How about using 2021 to create the joy of accomplishment?

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Wondering What “Estate Planning” Is?

Did you know that this week is National Estate Planning Awareness Week? In our line of business, we often hear confusion over the term “estate planning,” and the belief that it is only for those with grand, luxurious estates. That could not be further from the truth! Don’t get me wrong, estate planning does greatly assist wealthy individuals to save taxes by employing creative ideas, but it is useful for anyone over the age of 18. That’s right, anyone!

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The Probate Process

The probate process varies state to state and even county to county, in terms of costs, money and the time it takes from start to finish. Usually, the estate must hire an attorney to assist the Personal Representatives in all of the tasks and necessary paperwork. A simple probate takes a few months. If litigation is involved, it may take several years. The average probate may last a year.

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Free Healthcare Surrogate for Florida’s Essential Workers

As a small token of gratitude, I am providing all essential workers and teachers with a Florida healthcare surrogate, at no cost to them. A healthcare surrogate allows your trusted friends and family to make medical decisions for you, if you are not able to make them for yourself.

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